Thursday, February 7, 2013

Armor Beneath the Broken Moon

Wednesday was supposed to be magic-user day, but being both sick with a virus and in the process of doing a lot more thinking and re-thinking than what I had anticipated for an already established class... it wasn't.  Instead, here are some ideas for far, far future earth armors, taking into account the unique raw materials one will find beneath the broken moon.

A reminder, BFRPG uses ascending AC, with unarmored individuals beginning at 11.

Common armors:

Armor                                             Type                  AC                 
Leather                                             light                   +1
Chitin                                                light                   +2
Studded Leather/ Ring Mail              light                   +2
Scale armor                                    medium              +3  
Heavy chitin                                    heavy                  +4 
Lamellar armor                                heavy                  +5

Uncommon armors:

Armor                                              Type                AC      
Fibrous                                              light                 +2
Chain mail                                         heavy              +4
Armor of the Ancients                       medium            +5
Plate & mail                                      heavy               +6

Those AC values are subject to change, and I have yet to come up with weights but generally speaking the known armors above will weigh about what you'd figure or whatever BFRPG says already.  The special ones are lighter than their AC equivalent metal armors.  Descriptions below. 

Leather:  Exactly what it sounds like.  Tanned, cured animal hides worked into armor.  Boiled and or reinforced with chitin or metal to provide extra protection with no significant loss to mobility. 

Studded Leather/ Ring Mail: Essentially leather armor with extra metal reinforcing.  Somebody might point out that ring mail probably never existed and I would point out that clearly it does in the far, far future earth.

Chitin:  With so many gigantic beetles and other insects about it was only a matter of time before somebody figured out how to make armor out of their exoskeletons.  Light chitin armor is essentially leather with extra chitin reinforcement.  Heavy chitin armor relies more on the shaped and worked exoskeletons to provide both the form of the armor and its primary protection and appear like chitin versions of plate or lamellar.  Only special armor smiths work with chitin, the best of these are generally thought to be the ape-men of the Oorong Kingdoms. 

Scale Armor:  Overlapping metal plates on a leather or cloth backing, this is a transitional armor between the light and heavy varieties.  Easier to make and therefore easier to find than either of chain or plate mail.

Lamellar Armor:  Similar in concept to scale armor but the metal plates are thicker and larger and often fastened together rather than attached to a leather backing.  Again, easier to make than either of true plate or chain armor but bulky and heavy.

Fibrous:  So far everything described with the exception of the chitin armor above fits neatly into an ancient or medieval level of technology.  Fiber armor is the first example of a wondrous item left over from the more recent Ancients of far, far future earth.  Fiber armor appears like heavy fabric and is often formed to appear as clothing, but it is resistant to piercing and effective enough at absorbing force to be worn into battle.  Fibrous armor is lighter than all other armor types and is popular amongst the rich and powerful.  It is itself not magical, but the process of its making requires and artificer of sufficient level to make magic arms and armor.

Chain mail:  Much harder to come by than in your typical fantasy setting, the chain mail of far, far future earth is fashioned by armor-makers specializing in its craft.  Otherwise this is what you'd expect,  a coat of arms made from interlocking metal chains. 

Armor of the Ancients:  Like fibrous armor above, this armor is not magical but the secrets of its making are known only to artificers.  It is made from a series of specially-formed, interlocking plates of a super-hardened and durable ceramic mounted on a fibrous backing.  The result is an armor as light as studded leather that protects nearly as well as plate mail.

Plate & Mail:  Combining the concepts of lamellar and chain armor this heavy armor type provides maximum protection but is considerably heavier than most other armor types.  Additionally, like chain its availability in far, far future earth is scarce due to the limited number of smiths capable of its manufacture.  This is not the field plate of antiquity.  It is bulkier and less elegantly made than the finest metal armors of the past. 

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