Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fighters Beneath the Broken Moon

So, as stated before, the fighter class stays and while I'm essentially using what's there in BFRPG, I'm adding in the best parts of the other editions' interpretations of the fighter.  I have always been a proponent of the idea that fighters should be, well, the best fighters.  The weapon selection, favorable hit charts and relatively higher hit points are a good start, but I think there's more that can and should be done.  Nothing too ground-breaking here.

I want to get both the fighter and the magic user established today and tomorrow before moving on to any other additional classes.  I'm trying not to set any goals or limitations too early on, but I think I'd like to have at least six classes total. 

Requirements:  Str 9
Hit Die: 1d8
Save As: Fighter
To Hit As: Fighter
Weapon Proficiencies: All except special/ exotic
Non-Proficiency Penalty: -2
Armor:  Any

Level                     Experience Points                 Class Abilities
   1                                     0                                 AC bonus, favored weapon (+1)
   2                                  2,000                 
   3                                  4,000                             Cleave
   4                                  8,000
   5                                 16,000                            Extra attack (3/2)
   6                                 32,000
   7                                 64,000                            Favored weapon (+2)
   8                                120,000
   9                                240,000                           Extra attack (2/1)
  10                               360,000
  11                               480,000                           2nd favored weapon (+1)
  12                               600,000
  13                               720,000                          Extra attack (5/2)
  14                               840,000
  15                               960,000                         2nd favored weapon (+2)
  16                             1,080,000
  17                             1,200,000                         
  18                             1,320,000
  19                             1,440,000
  20                             1,560,000                      

AC Bonus:  A fighter's martial training makes them more effective when wearing armor. Fighters enjoy a +1 AC bonus when wearing any kind of armor.

Favored Weapon (+1):  Fighters are trained to use all common weapons and at first level may select a favored weapon with which they enjoy a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.  This bonus increases to +2 at 7th level.  Fighters select a second favored weapon at 11th level and increase the bonus for this at 15th level. 

Cleave: At third level, fighters that drop an opponent with a melee attack may make an immediate, free attack against another opponent within 5' of the fighter's current position.

Extra Attacks: Fighters attack twice every other round at 5th level, twice a round at ninth level and 5 times every 2 rounds at 13th level. 

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